• Book a meeting for getting to know the application, its analytic features, and the equipment used.
  • We will discuss the occupational safety issues that concern your company, and book a filming date for your site.
  • When you meet our team in person, we can ensure you that the customised application will meet your requirements exactly.

Filming Day

  • We film actual situations in actual environments to be used as the training material, because this will ensure the best possible results.
  • We film the materials by using 360 degree technology. The images and sounds make occupational safety training in the virtual environment feel real, and the materials allow the training to be repeated identically for large groups.
  • We can catch the specific everyday working situations that your company faces into the application.


  • We compile various exercises from the 360 degree videos, allowing the users to experience dangerous situations, observe risk factors at the site, and perform various assignments.
  • We take your company's hopes, needs, and brand into consideration, and customise the application accordingly.
  • When the virtual environment is ready, it can be used regardless of place or time, with no separate installation or adjustments necessary.

Application Ready to Use

The virtual site allows your employees to train the everyday site situations easily and cost-efficiently.



    The rented equipment, equipped with 4G connections, are always up-to-date.


    The learning results and related data are always available.


    You can trust that the occupational safety application works.

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