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Today, Occupational Safety Training Takes Place in Virtual Reality

The first and foremost priority at a construction site is occupational safety. Having the correct equipment is not enough: experience in using them and the ability to adjust to unexpected situations are required as well. The Tarkka application makes occupational safety training easy, safe, cost-efficient, and measurable: the same exercises can be repeated identically for large groups, and measuring the performance is simple. If necessary, the participation of each employee in the occupational safety training can also be verified.

Improve Occupational Safety Easily, Safely, and Measurably

The application allows construction site workers to train in everyday site situations on a virtual site. The virtual construction site is an easy and cost-efficient way to train for situations which would be difficult, dangerous, or even impossible to train in real life. The exercises can also be reliably and comparably tested. The results, training dates, duration, and any retakes of all exercises are stored logically in one place.

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The Tarkka occupational
safety application

  • A simple virtual environment for occupational safety training.
  • Customised individually for every customer.
  • Includes tests, simulations, and training to observe dangerous situations.

How Can I Start Using the Application?

Starting to use the application is easy and quick. Make an appointment for discussing the occupational safety matters of your company. During the meeting, a filming date is set for your site, where the required materials for the application are filmed using 360 degree technology. The filmed material is integrated into the application, which is customised to meet your wishes and needs in other respects as well.

We also supply the equipment, analytics, and support services for one fixed monthly fee, ensuring that the application is always ready to use.

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    Application Ready to Use

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We are a Finnish pioneer in virtual reality solutions. The Tarkka application, designed by us for the infra and construction fields, is the first step towards safer construction sites.

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